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Welcome to DirtyLittleHorror.com!


Welcome to the ribbon cutting ceremony at DirtyLittleHorror.com! Shall we cut the ribbon Leatherface-style with a rusty chainsaw or just Freddy Krueger it to pieces? Aw, heck, hand me the machete and we’ll go full-on Jason in honor of today’s date, Friday the 13th.

So… what exactly IS this blog? Simple answer: A place for all things horror. My only goal is to entertain. There is SO MUCH more I plan to do with this website, but I figured today is a fitting release date, so why wait?

My first post will be a list of my favorite online horror films. These short movies are awesome because they are FREE to stream online, they don’t take much time to watch, and they are extremely entertaining! I have listed my Top Ten in random order. I love them all equally. Why compete?

1: THE SMILING MAN – Proving that horror needs no words.

2: LIGHTS OUT – Just… oh my god.

3: SUCK-A-BLOOD – a morbid nursery rhyme

4: NIGHT OF THE LITTLE DEAD – If you’re a Bill Moseley fan and you missed this little gem, watch immediately!

5: LITTLE REAPER- Even Death has trouble raising his teen in this hilarious horror comedy.

6: UNLUCKY GIRL – zooooooombies

7: ALEXIA – when your girl stalks you on social media

8: HORRIFIC – gore comedy at its finest

9: DON’T MOVE – really, don’t move!!

10: MOTHER DIED – an engrossing end of the world tale

So that’s it! My first post! Lots more to come. Please follow!


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