WWW of Terror

WWW of Terror

Here are some links to keep you browsing the web in style… horror style! The more I gather, I might consider doing banners and placing sites in alphabetical order. But for now, random order! Indulge!


Horror fiction, comics, and poetry:

Lindsey Goddard – LindseyBethGoddard.com

John Rose – Monstergrrls.com

AJ Brown – TypeAJNegative.wordpress.com

Peggy Christie – TheMonkeyIsIn.com

Ladies and Gentlemen of Fantasy – LGOFanthology.wix.com/lgofanthology

Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror – LGOHanthology.wix.com/lgoh

Sephera Giron – Sephwriter666.blogspot.ca

Jason Hughes – Facebook.com/JasonHughesHorrorFanpage

Erik Hofstatter – Facebook.com/erikhofstatter

Tommy B. Smith – Tommybsmith.com

John Grover – Shadowtales.com

Bowie V. Ibarra – ZBFbooks.com

Rick Powell – Goodreads

Neson W. Pyles – NelsonWPyles.com

C. Bryan Brown – CBryanBrown.net

Mark Allan Gunnells – Amazon

Jeff T. Kacmarynski – JeffKacmarynski.webs.com

Jim Goforth – JimGoforthhorrorauthor.wordpress.com

Rena Mason – RenaMason.ink

Smart Rhino Publications – SmartRhino.com

Sean Sprinks –Horrorizons.wordpress.com

Jon Towers – StigmataStudios.com

K. Trap Jones – KTrapJones.wordpress.com

Tim Waggoner – TimWaggoner.com

Kenneth W. Cain – KennethWCain.com

Daniel Hale – DanielHale42.wordpress.com

E.S. Wynn – ESwynn.com

Robert Essig – RobertEssig.blogspot.com

Aaron Gudmunson – AaronGudmunson.com

Jonathan Winn – MartukTheHoly.com

Michelle Scalise – Michellescalise.com

Flashes In The Dark – FlashesInTheDark.com

Brian Moreland – BrianMoreland.comBrianMoreland.blogspot.com

Suzanna Robb – Sarobb.com

Jay Wilburn – JayWilburn.com

G.Elmer Munson – GElmerMunson.com

Dene Bebbington – Denebebbington.co.uk

Jackie Williams – Amazon

Jasper Bark – JasperBark.com & Amazon

Kevin Lucia – KevinLucia.com & Amazon

Jeremiah Israel –Jdotis.com

Michael Schutz-Ryan – MichaelSchutzRyan.com

Morbid Books – MorbidBooks.wordpress.com

Mark West – MarkWest.org.uk

Angela Meadon – Meadon.co.za

Crystal Lake Publishing – CrystalLakePub.com

Horror movies: (Actors, production companies, and movie promoters will be grouped together here, unless the list grows quite large)

Paul Loh – Imdb.com/name/nm6902403

Seraph Films – Seraphfilms.net

Bloody Cuts Films – Bloodycuts.co.uk

Horror Podcasts (audio fiction):

The Wicked Library – TheWickedLibrary.com

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights – ChillingTalesForDarkNights.com

The NoSleep Podcast – TheNoSleepPodcast.com

Tales To Terrify – TalesToTerrify.com

The Drabblecast – Drabblecast.org

Crafts and services:

Cannibal Rose Creations

Tarot Paths: Explore Fortune Telling And Haunted Houses



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