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HORROR ART – dark painters


I love this quote by Leonardo da Vinci. Often embracing what society considers “dark” makes for awesome artwork… and today I’d like to shine a spotlight on my favorite horror artists! This blog will focus on dark artists who take brush to canvas in the name of all things creepy. Below you will find skilled painters whose works have awed and amazed the horror realm, and of course, I’ve provided links to their websites.

Please respect these artists and their work by not stealing it! You’ll just get busted and look like a total loser anyway. Ha! Now on to the fun…

Jerrod Brown





Award winning Horror Artist Jerrod Brown produces everything from murals to illustrations, from monstrous portraiture to genre book covers. In addition to producing original acrylic on canvas paintings straight out of his home studio, Jerrod also sells his paintings and prints at various galleries, shows, conventions and by mail order (Over 3000 prints of his work have been sold since Oct. 2008). For more info, visit:


Stephen Cooney






Stephen Cooney has been painting for as long as he can remember. He has always loved horror and fantasy art. Human skin served as his canvas for many years as a tattoo artist, before he began painting commissioned pieces for book and magazine covers. You may recognize his work at many popular horror publishers. Although most of his work has to do with horror and fantasy, he is always willing to try new projects on different subjects. For more information, visit:


Suzzan Blac





Suzzan Blac has earned SO MUCH of my respect. She’s gifted at portraying the horrific side of human nature in oil paint, and she’s open about the history of sexual abuse that led her down this dark path of self-expression, which takes real guts (much like the guts she paints so well). Her auto-biography, The Rebirth Of Suzzan Blac, was an incredible read and deepened my admiration for the artist. To learn more, visit:


Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the artwork. There are tons more horror artists out there waiting to be discovered. Feel free to comment with reader suggestions!

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